Health Benefits of CBD to Elderly People

Growing old is a fantastic thing. It’s a culmination of your life experiences and an exciting chapter of your life that you will be getting ready for. However, many people who grow old tend also to have several physical problems.

The body is only so strong, and old age comes with many ailments and conditions that might restrict you from enjoying this period. Thankfully, cannabidiol (CBD) can help to alleviate a lot of these conditions. Below, we’ll highlight some of the top health benefits that CBD offers to the elderly.

  • Pain alleviation

Statistics show that a considerable percentage of the United States’ senior population suffers from chronic pain and Arthritis. This is a common problem for seniors in the country – and, in all fairness, the entire world.

However, you don’t have to suffer from it. Studies have shown that CBD helps to alleviate pain and reduce inflammation, thus providing a possible solution to issues like Multiple Sclerosis (MS), joint pain, and Arthritis.

CBD activates several receptors in the endocannabinoid system, providing a significant reduction in pain-related symptoms while reducing side effects.

  • Bone health improvements

As most people grow old, they endure a condition called Osteoporosis.

During the process, your bones lose a considerable amount of critical minerals, leading to greater fragility. Essentially, your bones become more prone to breaking, leaving you vulnerable to features and severe pain if they fall or endure physical contact. 

Beyond reducing inflammation and optimizing cell repair, CBD has been shown to help strengthen your bones and optimize healing once a fracture occurs.

It is worth noting that more evidence is needed to prove CBD as a viable treatment for Osteoporosis. However, the results seen so far have been promising.

  • Improving sleep quality

Sleeping disorders like insomnia are relatively prevalent among everyone. However, seniors tend to be the most common victims. Research suggests that this is because you encounter changes in your sleeping patterns when you grow older. There is also a considerable chemical imbalance that comes from prescription drugs and other medical conditions.

Sleep is especially critical for seniors. It allows the body to expel toxins and reinvigorates the body entirely. So, it is evident that sleeping disorders are especially essential for the elderly.

While most seniors use sleeping medications to alleviate disorders, CBD can also help. The chemical helps combat several conditions that cause sleeping disorders, including anxiety, stress, and restlessness. By calming the user, CBD helps prepare them for a better, more natural sleep cycle.

  • Bolstering heart health

The American College of Cardiology states that heart disease is the most common cause of death among adults. Over half of adults in the country suffer from high blood pressure, so this isn’t a surprise.

In 2017, a study found that CBD can help to reduce resting blood pressure in humans. The study also found that subjects showed lower blood pressure increases when on a CBD regimen. 

A separate study has also found that CBD’s antioxidant properties could help reduce cardiac inflammation and reduce the death of cells from oxidative stress. By reducing cell death and bringing down blood pressure, CBD can help to bolster heart health and prevent severe cardiac conditions. 

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