Is CBD Helpful to Relieve Muscle Pain?

Many people have touted cannabidiol (CBD) for its health benefits and the many ways it can optimize bodily functionality. One of the many benefits that people have pointed out is its potential for alleviating muscle pain in the body.

Below, we’ll look into how CBD can help with muscle pain and some of the nuances surrounding its application:

Muscle pain and soreness – What causes it?

To understand how CBD helps with muscle pain, it’s worth noting some of the prominent factors that cause the problem in the first place:  

Data from the Cleveland Clinic shows that muscle pain usually comes from any of the following:

  • Post-workout inflammation: Excessive microscopic damage to your muscle fibers during workouts could cause significant soreness and pain. The resulting pain and discomfort is usually an inflammatory response. While the response helps in muscle recovery, it is still excruciating.
  • Muscle tension and stress: When you’re stressed about anything, your muscles tense up, and you find it impossible to relax in your shoulders and neck. If you’ve been feeling discomfort but can’t point to a source, it could be that your body has been storing stress.
  • Lack of sleep: Poor or inadequate sleep is one of the primary causes of muscle pain. Inadequate sleep disrupts the nervous system’s operation, leading to increased sensitivity. It also causes inflammation, which directly affects your muscles.
  • Repetitive use: Like exercise, repetitive motions can also cause muscle inflammation. Actions like assembly line work, tapping a keyboard, holding a tool, and swiping items at a checkout spot can easily be repetitive. So, they are prime causes of muscle pain.

CBD for Muscle Pain

As explained earlier, discomfort has its root in general body health. This is what makes CBD so effective in treating muscle pains. Generally, CBD has the following benefits:

  • Improving healthy sleep
  • Soothing soreness
  • Relieving inflammation
  • Optimizing health in the joint
  • Reduces nervousness and stress

So, it is easy to see how CBD can be a natural remedy for muscle pain. It addresses the physical and psychological factors that cause discomfort, ensuring that you can maintain your health even better.

Here are the best ways to use CBD to treat some of the significant causes of muscle pain:

  • Post-exercise inflammation: You could use a quick yoga session to relieve tension and stress. However, you could also cause more tension in your hamstrings and muscles. For a few days, you will feel much more uncomfortable. Instead, try a CBD balm and see how it soothes your muscles.
  • Tension and stress: You can also rub a CBD balm on areas where you feel tight due to anxiety and stress. Instead of exercise – which you probably don’t want to do at this point – CBD balm can work some magic. 
  • Poor sleep: CBD supports healthy sleep habits, allowing you to fall asleep much easily and improving your sleep session length. The more you sleep better, the better your body feels.

Note that you might want to get advice from a physician to get the best results. Muscle pain can be a significant issue, and you want to make sure to keep it in check as you go on. 

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