Is It Safe to Take CBD During Pregnancy?

The moment a woman becomes pregnant, her entire life changes. You have to be more careful about everything you do and come in contact with, including the things you eat. While things like vitamins and others can be beneficial to the growth of your fetus, other things might not be so advantageous.

If you’re a CBD consumer, it is understandable for you to have some concerns over the safety of the substance for your fetus. Here, we will look into the nuances surrounding CBD consumption and whether pregnant women should feel comfortable taking it. 

CBD For Pregnancy?

As we all know, cannabidiol (or CBD) is a compound obtained from the cannabis plant. While there is yet to be substantive proof of the compound’s positive or negative effects, most people who use CBD tend to do so for its perceived therapeutic and medicinal effects.

Unlike THC – the other compound found in the cannabis plant – CBD doesn’t have any mind-altering effects. So, you won’t get that “high” when you take CBD.

Some pregnant women have also asked about the use of CBD-related products – including lotions, creams, and oils. These products provide a safer alternative to ingesting CBD while still delivering the compound’s benefits. Some of the ways that these products could help include:

  • Alleviating pregnancy-related pain
  • Helping to calm effects of anxiety
  • Treating joint and muscle pains as pregnancy goes further

Since you won’t be ingesting the CBD itself, it doesn’t enter your bloodstream. So, these women believe that CBD products can be a healthier alternative. There has been an increase in the number of women using cannabis in several states across the U.S., showing that more women might be looking to enjoy marijuana’s perceived benefits.

Despite this belief, the truth is that there is only a little research out there on CBD use during pregnancy. No conclusive evidence shows that CBD consumption – in whatever form – is safe or not. There is also no research showing the long-term effects of CBD consumption, especially as it pertains to young children whose mothers consumed CBD. 

Healthcare Agencies Against CBD Use

For now, agencies that deal with maternal health have opted to stay on the safer side and discourage people from taking marijuana. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) strongly discourages pregnant women from consuming it. The agency’s warning also extends to breastfeeding mothers, as the FDA points out that CBD consumption can have some harmful effects on your womb and your baby.

It is worth noting that the FDA has yet to provide substantial proof of its claims. The agency is still studying data and conducting tests on some CBD-related products to see how their effects could play out when it comes to pregnant women and their babies.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists also recommends that pregnant women or women thinking about having children should not use CBD or any of its by-products.

So, while the use of CBD is thought to be safer than smoking cannabis or using products with THC, it doesn’t mean it is necessarily safe for pregnant women.

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