Can You Buy Hemp Oil Over The Counter in Australia?

Ever since the approval of the cannabidiol-based products, the consumer’s rate of interest in the benefits of hemp seed oil and CBD oils. Having a better understanding of if can you buy hemp oil over the counter will allow the consumers to choose the safest and appropriate products. 

Things to know regarding hemp oils 

There has been a lot of confusion concerning cannabis products. While some people refer to CBD oil as hemp oil, others refer to hemp seed oil as hemp oil. However, hemp seed oil and CBD oils are very different products. Reports have shown that whole-plant hemp extracts that contain other compounds of cannabis plants are more beneficial compared to isolated extracts of just either CBD or THC, this combination is said to give an entourage effect. 

Hemp seed oil is extracted from hemp seed for its healthy fatty acid profile. It contains little or no CBD and typically intended for culinary purposes and the promotion of healthy skin, nails, and hair. Hemp oil on the other hand is extracted from the stalk or seed of a hemp plant basically for its beneficial compounds called phytocannabinoids. Hemp oil contains a blend of many different phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids; all these work together to impact the entourage effect.

CBD oil is phytocannabinoid cannabidiol that requires isolated extraction which means no psychoactive effects or high feelings will be impacted. Not all countries have legalized CBD because of its association with marijuana. Hemp oil is also used as a carrier oil causing the entourage feeling and making the use more effective than when it would be alone.

Cannabis oil is derived from the cannabis plant and it contains both CBD and THC in varying concentrations. The answer to the question can you buy hemp oil over the counter is impossible in countries cannabis has not been legalized. This is because cannabis oil is likely to contain higher amounts of THC, making it problematic for consumers who are not looking for any product with psychoactive effects. 

Over the counter sales in Australia 

Low-dose cannabis oil can be purchased over the counter in pharmacies but there are no available products for sale yet and manufacturers are working at a speedy rate to get their products approved under the therapeutic goods administration (TGA). To register a product, the company must show that the products are of high quality, safe and effective.

Researches have shown it can help in the reduction of anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, insomnia, pain. The Australian medical association opposed the proposal to sell cannabis oils over the counter and its position hasn’t changed.

The director and founder of cannabis doctors Australia said his practice specializes in medicinal cannabis because it has been life-changing for a good number of patients, it was regarded as a demon drug in the past. It really works but the extent of effectiveness has to be known.

Plus, he said it would take at least two million dollars and the right collection of data before a product can be registered and liable for the use and be distributed by pharmacists. Compared with other medicines, the response of each patient to CBD effects varies because of the body’s ability to react to drugs differently.

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