Is CBD Cannabis Oil Legal in Australia?

Recently, CBD has become so famous and gained much popularity. Thanks to this, there is an increment in people’s desire to know more about cannabidiol which made some to be keenly interested in getting their hands on it. But as much as this is interesting to dream of, one thing that is stopping them from going through with it is legality.

And as we all know that CBD medicinal status in Australia is very much different from how it is in other countries where it can be gotten without a prescription, there has been a huge deal of conversation about whether CBD products and the legality.

To help you keep up to speed, here are the key things you need to know about cannabis oil. CBD is a chemical compound found in the flowery part of a cannabis plant and it doesn’t have psychoactive effects. The oil is extracted from the plant and it gets diluted with a carrier oil. It has been used and beneficial to patients experiencing

  • insomnia,
  • anxiety,
  • heart issues, and the likes.

There has been a long-term stigma regarding the study and mode of application of CBD products because of its link to marijuana, not all people know CBD and marijuana are really two different things. Even though CBD is gotten from marijuana, it has been carefully prepared and processed in order for its content not to include psychoactive effects. And more importantly, the patient gains all the benefits of marijuana without any intoxication.

Under Australian law, all cannabinoids including THC and CBD are strictly regulated as controlled substances under poison and drug laws by the therapeutic goods administration. Cannabis oil is legal in Australia for medical use only via an authorized prescriber or special access scheme.


This brings about the question; is CBD legal in Australia?

TGA has made an important step in making CBD available to all citizens of Australia and from the first of February 2021, purchasing products containing low-dose cannabidiol over the counter became legal. As a result, low-dose CBD oil has changed from a schedule 4 drug (prescribed by doctors) to a schedule 3 (pharmacists can hand it over without a prescription) at 150mg per day with a 30-day supply for adults that is, age 18 and above.  However, it is only legal if the CBD component of the oil is more than 98% concentration; simply put, it must 2% or less of any other cannabinoids found in cannabis, anything beyond this is very illegal. Even as cannabidiol is legal, there are no products approved for sale yet.

The essence of CBD getting legalized is to relieve patients the stress of accessing them and a pharmacist will be available to check and make sure it is not used wrongly with any ongoing medications. Plus, the price rate of getting it over the counter will be cheaper and require a less lengthy process.

Lower doses, the ones to be sold over the counter is likely not to have any side effects but higher doses side effects could include,

  • dry mouth,
  • nausea,
  • diarrhea,

 One of the importance of getting a doctor’s prescription is the risk of misdiagnosis, making sure the pain you are feeling is not cancer or any other form of pain. Generally, Australian laws are strict but as long as the legal standard protocols are met, adults can walk into an authorized store to purchase CBD products. Though it is a long journey, Australia is gradually moving towards a future to be thankful for.

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